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Basic Enumeration Commands




Prints the PC's Name


Prints out the OS version and revision level

wmic qfe get Caption,Description,HotFixID,InstalledOn

Prints the patches and hotfixes applied to the host

ipconfig /all

Prints out network adapter state and configurations


Displays a list of environment variables for the current session (ran from CMD-prompt)


Displays the domain name to which the host belongs (ran from CMD-prompt)

echo %logonserver%

Prints out the name of the Domain controller the host checks in with (ran from CMD-prompt)


Firewall Checks

PS C:\htb> netsh advfirewall show allprofiles

Windows Defender Check (from CMD.exe)

C:\htb> sc query windefend
PS C:\htb> Get-MpComputerStatus

Am I Alone?

PS C:\htb> qwinsta

Network Information

Networking Commands


arp -a

Lists all known hosts stored in the arp table.

ipconfig /all

Prints out adapter settings for the host. We can figure out the network segment from here.

route print

Displays the routing table (IPv4 & IPv6) identifying known networks and layer three routes shared with the host.

netsh advfirewall show state

Displays the status of the host's firewall. We can determine if it is active and filtering traffic.

Quick WMI checks



wmic qfe get Caption,Description,HotFixID,InstalledOn

Prints the patch level and description of the Hotfixes applied

wmic computersystem get Name,Domain,Manufacturer,Model,Username,Roles /format:List

Displays basic host information to include any attributes within the list

wmic process list /format:list

A listing of all processes on host

wmic ntdomain list /format:list

Displays information about the Domain and Domain Controllers

wmic useraccount list /format:list

Displays information about all local accounts and any domain accounts that have logged into the device

wmic group list /format:list

Information about all local groups

wmic sysaccount list /format:list

Dumps information about any system accounts that are being used as service accounts.

This cheatsheet has some useful commands for querying host and domain info using wmic.

PS C:\htb> wmic ntdomain get Caption,Description,DnsForestName,DomainName,DomainControllerAddress

Table of Useful Net Commands



net accounts

Information about password requirements

net accounts /domain

Password and lockout policy

net group /domain

Information about domain groups

net group "Domain Admins" /domain

List users with domain admin privileges

net group "domain computers" /domain

List of PCs connected to the domain

net group "Domain Controllers" /domain

List PC accounts of domains controllers

net group <domain_group_name> /domain

User that belongs to the group

net groups /domain

List of domain groups

net localgroup

All available groups

net localgroup administrators /domain

List users that belong to the administrators group inside the domain (the group Domain Admins is included here by default)

net localgroup Administrators

Information about a group (admins)

net localgroup administrators [username] /add

Add user to administrators

net share

Check current shares

net user <ACCOUNT_NAME> /domain

Get information about a user within the domain

net user /domain

List all users of the domain

net user %username%

Information about the current user

net use x: \computer\share

Mount the share locally

net view

Get a list of computers

net view /all /domain[:domainname]

Shares on the domains

net view \computer /ALL

List shares of a computer

net view /domain

List of PCs of the domain

Dsquery DLL

All we need is elevated privileges on a host or the ability to run an instance of Command Prompt or PowerShell from a SYSTEM context. Below, we will show the basic search function with dsquery and a few helpful search filters.

PS C:\htb> dsquery user

Computer Search

PS C:\htb> dsquery computer

Wildcard Search

PS C:\htb> dsquery * "CN=Users,DC=INLANEFREIGHT,DC=LOCAL"

Searching for Domain Controllers

PS C:\Users\forend.INLANEFREIGHT> dsquery * -filter "(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=8192)" -limit 5 -attr sAMAccountName

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