🟢Saving the Results

Save nmap result in different formats.

Different Formats

While we run various scans, we should always save the results. We can use these later to examine the differences between the different scanning methods we have used. Nmap can save the results in 3 different formats.

  • Normal output (-oN) with the .nmap file extension

  • Grepable output (-oG) with the .gnmap file extension

  • XML output (-oX) with the .xml file extension

Style sheets

With the XML output, we can easily create HTML reports that are easy to read, even for non-technical people. This is later very useful for documentation, as it presents our results in a detailed and clear way. To convert the stored results from XML format to HTML, we can use the tool xsltproc.

XML Output

xsltproc target.xml -o target.html

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